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Our Produces & Services

At Defu Ice Works, we produce many varieties of ice.

Crushed Ice

Crushed Ice is a granular type commonly used for seafood, salad bar commonly distributed to wet market, fish ports or pubs. 18kg per bag. Minimum purchase 2 bags.

Baby Ice-Tube

Baby ice tube is a smaller cylindrical shaped ice meant to chill drinks, beverages in regular cups commonly used in drink stalls. 18kg per bag. Minimum purchase 2 bags.


Larger cylindrical shaped ice meant to chill drinks inside barrels or containers. 18kg per bag. Minimum purchase 2 bags.

Ice Kachang Blocks

Ice Kachang Blocks in large cylindrical shaped meant for ice shaving equipment. 18kg per bag. 8 blocks per bag. Minimum 2 bags.

Styrofoam Box

Styrofoam box L48xB35xH35 cm. Perfect for storing your beverages in ice and for the maximum cooling storage. Minimum purchase 1 box.

Dry Ice Pallets

Dry ice pallets size of approx 11mm in diameter and 1-5 cm in length. Commonly used for quick cooling purpose, science experiments or other projects.

Frozen Truck

Would like to rent our frozen truck to deliver your frozen goods? Hire our trucks. We will be glad to assist in your frozen deliveries.

Ice Shaving Equipment

Rent an ice shaving machine from us. For live station, ice kachang vendor, event planners, wedding caterers. Minimum 1 day rental.

Cold Storage Facilities

Need a storage facilities for your frozen products? Book a cold storage space with us.